Package org.emboss.jemboss.gui

Class Summary
AdvancedOptions Jemboss advanced options and settings.
Browser Jemboss web browser
BuildProgramMenu BuildProgramMenu class construct the program menus.
ColorMenu Colour pallette menu
ColumnData Content of each column in the DragJTable
DragJTable Extend JTable to implement a drag and drop table for storing sequence lists (SequenceList)
ImageIconJPanel Use to display ImageIcons on a JPanel
LaunchJalView Launch Jalview (M.Clamp )
MemoryComboBox Extends JComboBox to add and store new elements
ResultsMenuBar Sets up a results menu bar with save and close
ScrollPanel Extends JPanel to implement Scrollable to speed scroll pane scrolling
SequenceData Object to represent the content of each row in the DragJTable of a SequenceList.
SequenceList SequenceList extends JFrame to display a set of sequences that the user is working on in a session.
SequenceListTableModel Model for the sequence table
SetUpMenuBar Sets the top menu bar for Jemboss main window
ShowResultSet Displays JTabbedPane of the contents of the Hashtable
ShowSavedResults Shows a list of results from the SOAP server and displays individual result sets
SplashThread Extends Thread to update the progress bar in the login window
SwingWorker This is the 3rd version of SwingWorker (also known as SwingWorker 3), an abstract class that you subclass to perform GUI-related work in a dedicated thread.
SwingWorker.ThreadVar Class to maintain reference to current worker thread under separate synchronization control.
TabListCellRenderer Adapted from an example at