• compatibility for Java 1.5 incorporated
  • Jemboss Graphics beta release
  • search tool
  • favourites funxtionality added


  • more features for the Jemboss Alignment Editor.
  • command line version available of the Alignment Editor for scripting.


  • features added to the Jemboss Alignment Editor. This includes a colour scheme for identical and positive matches (in the same fashion as prettyplot). Also identity tables can be calculated for pairs of sequences.
  • integrated help tool bar added to the browser.
  • installation script includes automatic checking for gd, png and zlib libraries.


  • drag and drop within file managers implemented, along the same lines as the drag and drop between local and remote file managers. Multiple selection of files is supported for deletion, however multiple file drag and drop is not yet supported.
  • code is now in place for integration of new EMBOSS interactive graphics.
  • server code reports logs messages in a separate thread and also reports the total and free memory.


  • new Jemboss Alignment Editor available from Jemboss.
  • installation script includes options for embassy packages.
  • bug fixes include initial ACD options for 'showdb' are correct.


    Features include:

  • first release of Jemboss that uses the new Apache Axis (1.0) for the SOAP protocol. The client and server now use Axis calls to communicate and for data transfer.
  • speed-up of the interface launching process; wossname.jar (containing the output of wossname) is wrapped with the client and the server is just queried for the database names and available scoring matrices on startup. This means that the interface can almost immediately spring into life and EMBOSS applications selected while the SOAP connection is made with the server.
  • the installation script has been improved to simplify installation of a server.
  • the ability to set up both client-server and standalone modes with the installation script.
  • saving of the users local working directory between sessions.