Protein tertiary structure

Program nameDescription
psiphi Phi and psi torsion angles from protein coordinates
domainreso Remove low resolution domains from a DCF file
domainalign Generate alignments (DAF file) for nodes in a DCF file
domainrep Reorder DCF file to identify representative structures
seqalign Extend alignments (DAF file) with sequences (DHF file)
seqfraggle Removes fragment sequences from DHF files
seqsearch Generate PSI-BLAST hits (DHF file) from a DAF file
seqsort Remove ambiguous classified sequences from DHF files
seqwords Generates DHF files from keyword search of UniProt
libgen Generate discriminating elements from alignments
matgen3d Generate a 3D-1D scoring matrix from CCF files
rocon Generates a hits file from comparing two DHF files
rocplot Performs ROC analysis on hits files
siggen Generates a sparse protein signature from an alignment
siggenlig Generate ligand-binding signatures from a CON file
sigscan Generate hits (DHF file) from a signature search
sigscanlig Search ligand-signature library & write hits (LHF file)
contacts Generate intra-chain CON files from CCF files
interface Generate inter-chain CON files from CCF files