Publication-quality display

Program nameDescription
abiview Display the trace in an ABI sequencer file
cirdna Draws circular maps of DNA constructs
lindna Draws linear maps of DNA constructs
pepnet Draw a helical net for a protein sequence
pepwheel Draw a helical wheel diagram for a protein sequence
prettyplot Draw a sequence alignment with pretty formatting
prettyseq Write a nucleotide sequence and its translation to file
remap Display restriction enzyme binding sites in a nucleotide sequence
seealso Finds programs with similar function to a specified program
showalign Display a multiple sequence alignment in pretty format
showdb Displays information on configured databases
showfeat Display features of a sequence in pretty format
showseq Displays sequences with features in pretty format
sixpack Display a DNA sequence with 6-frame translation and ORFs
textsearch Search the textual description of sequence(s)