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Reports the current EMBOSS version number


embossversion writes the version number of the EMBOSS package to to screen (by default) or (optionally) to file.


Here is a sample session with embossversion

% embossversion 
Reports the current EMBOSS version number


Command line arguments

   Standard (Mandatory) qualifiers: (none)
   Additional (Optional) qualifiers:
   -full               boolean    Show all EMBOSS version information fields
   -outfile            outfile    [stdout] Output file name

   Advanced (Unprompted) qualifiers: (none)
   Associated qualifiers:

   "-outfile" associated qualifiers
   -odirectory         string     Output directory

   General qualifiers:
   -auto               boolean    Turn off prompts
   -stdout             boolean    Write first file to standard output
   -filter             boolean    Read first file from standard input, write
                                  first file to standard output
   -options            boolean    Prompt for standard and additional values
   -debug              boolean    Write debug output to program.dbg
   -verbose            boolean    Report some/full command line options
   -help               boolean    Report command line options. More
                                  information on associated and general
                                  qualifiers can be found with -help -verbose
   -warning            boolean    Report warnings
   -error              boolean    Report errors
   -fatal              boolean    Report fatal errors
   -die                boolean    Report dying program messages

Standard (Mandatory) qualifiers Allowed values Default
Additional (Optional) qualifiers Allowed values Default
-full Show all EMBOSS version information fields Boolean value Yes/No No
-outfile Output file name Output file stdout
Advanced (Unprompted) qualifiers Allowed values Default

Input file format


Output file format

embossversion writes just the version number followed by a newline character to end the line.

The output is written to the screen by default, but can be written to a named file by using the '-outfile' option.

The version number is in three parts, separated by '.'s.
The first number is the major version number - this only changes when substantial changes have been made to the look-and-feel of EMBOSS.
The second number is the minor version number - this is incremented whenever a version is released.
The third number is usually '0' but if a minor bug fix has been released that does not warrant a minor version number, this will be incremented.

Data files



embossversion might be called by scripts in automated systems requiring versioning information, or in user-support as a convenient way to ascertain the version of an EMBOSS installation being used remotely.





Diagnostic Error Messages


Exit status

It always exits with status 0.

Known bugs


See also

Program name Description
embossdata Find and retrieve EMBOSS data files


Gary Williams (gwilliam © rfcgr.mrc.ac.uk)
MRC Rosalind Franklin Centre for Genomics Research Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SB, UK


Written (23 May 2001) - Gary Williams.

Target users

This program is intended to be used by everyone and everything, from naive users to embedded scripts.