Composition of protein sequences

Program nameDescription
backtranambig Back-translate a protein sequence to ambiguous nucleotide sequence
backtranseq Back-translate a protein sequence to a nucleotide sequence
charge Draw a protein charge plot
checktrans Reports STOP codons and ORF statistics of a protein
compseq Calculate the composition of unique words in sequences
emowse Search protein sequences by digest fragment molecular weight
freak Generate residue/base frequency table or plot
iep Calculate the isoelectric point of proteins
mwcontam Find weights common to multiple molecular weights files
mwfilter Filter noisy data from molecular weights file
octanol Draw a White-Wimley protein hydropathy plot
pepinfo Plot amino acid properties of a protein sequence in parallel
pepstats Calculates statistics of protein properties
pepwindow Draw a hydropathy plot for a protein sequence
pepwindowall Draw Kyte-Doolittle hydropathy plot for a protein alignment
wordcount Count and extract unique words in DNA sequence(s)