Database installation

Program nameDescription
aaindexextract Extract data from AAINDEX
cutgextract Extract data from CUTG
printsextract Extract data from PRINTS
prosextract Build the PROSITE motif database for use by patmatmotifs
rebaseextract Extract data from REBASE
tfextract Extract data from TRANSFAC
cathparse Generates DCF file from raw CATH files
domainnr Removes redundant domains from a DCF file
domainseqs Adds sequence records to a DCF file
domainsse Add secondary structure records to a DCF file
scopparse Generate DCF file from raw SCOP files
ssematch Search a DCF file for secondary structure matches
allversusall Sequence similarity data from all-versus-all comparison
seqnr Removes redundancy from DHF files
domainer Generates domain CCF files from protein CCF files
hetparse Converts heterogen group dictionary to EMBL-like format
pdbparse Parses PDB files and writes protein CCF files
pdbplus Add accessibility & secondary structure to a CCF file
pdbtosp Convert swissprot:PDB codes file to EMBL-like format
sites Generate residue-ligand CON files from CCF files