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Gd is available from these sites:

There is no FTP server at this site.

To install, pick up the sources, build zlib and libpng first, and then:

% gunzip -c gd-1.8.4.tar.gz     | tar xf -
% ln -s gd-1.8.4     gd
% cd gd

Now edit Makefile, change the definitions for INCLUDEDIRS, LIBDIRS, INSTALL_LIB, INSTALL_INCLUDE, INSTALL_BIN, and change all


% make
% make install
% cd ..

If the gd "make install" fails with a warning about the "bin" directory, you need to create it by hand (see above).

To compile with the local version your EMBOSS configure line should now read:

./configure --with-pngdriver=/home/joe/local

This will look for the graphics libraries in your local installation under

instead of a system-wide location

configure keeps a copy of the previous settings. With earlier releases of EMBOSS, or as a developer with an earlier release of autoconf, you may need to delete files

if configure has been run before.

Peter Rice 2007-04-26