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Installation directory

You need to have write permission on the directory in which you eventually wish to install EMBOSS. You may also wish to put it somewhere else other than the standard location of


The installation directory is controlled by the

argument. For example, you can have all third party applications owned by a non-privileged user and installed in a package specific directory under

% ./configure --prefix=/site/prog/emboss

will install EMBOSS under

. The binaries will be installed in
with shared libraries installed in
. System wide data are installed in
, and the configuration files (ACD files) for the applications will be installed in
(or for EMBASSY in directories corresponding to the package name.) Documentation is installed in
. The installation directory should be specified using a full path otherwise interesting failures may occur.

The individual directories for installation can be modified with other configuration commands but this is usually not necessary. Run

./configure -help
to get more information on the directories that can be changed and other configuration options.


with the options you wish to use. This may take a short time as various messages scroll up the screen.

All should be well with this and configure should exit with a message like this:

... much output skipped

creating ./config.status
creating plplot/Makefile
creating plplot/lib/Makefile
creating nucleus/Makefile
creating ajax/Makefile
creating emboss/Makefile
creating emboss/acd/Makefile
creating test/Makefile
creating test/data/Makefile
creating test/embl/Makefile
creating test/pir/Makefile
creating test/swiss/Makefile
creating test/swnew/Makefile
creating test/wormpep/Makefile
creating emboss/data/Makefile
creating emboss/data/AAINDEX/Makefile
creating emboss/data/CODONS/Makefile
creating emboss/data/REBASE/Makefile
creating emboss/data/PRINTS/Makefile
creating emboss/data/PROSITE/Makefile
creating Makefile

Configuration is now complete.

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Peter Rice 2007-04-26