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Building EMBOSS

Building EMBOSS is a matter of typing '

' and going to find something else to do for the next ten minutes to half an hour depending on the speed of your system. EMBOSS will first build the shared libraries (
, and
) and then build the applications.

You may see plenty of warnings (especially on SGI systems) complaining about libraries not being used to resolve any symbols. These can be safely ignored.

If all goes according to plan you should have built EMBOSS successfully. If not you will have to try to work out why the build failed. If you can't work it out yourself, send an email describing the problem to preferably with a copy of the output from the installation.

Assuming that compilation was successful, you can2.2 now type '

make install
'. After a few minutes and many pagefuls of messages, EMBOSS should be installed where you specified in the
option (or in the default location of
was not specified).

Peter Rice 2007-04-26