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Many system administrators may wish to make use of the logging facilities of EMBOSS. Setting the variable

allows the system to keep a log of which programs are used when and by whom.

set emboss_logfile /site/log/emboss.log

The log file structure is very simple. Three tab separated fields are stored, program name, user name, and the date and time.

prettyplot      joeuser        Wed Aug 02 14:29:13 2000

The file defined in emboss_logfile should be world writable. The following command ensures logging can occur.

chmod +w /site/log/emboss.log

All settings can be overridden in a users

files by redefining the relevant variables. So to prevent our system usage being logged we can redefine emboss_logfile by putting the following entry in our

set emboss_logfile /dev/null

This behaviour may change in the future to prevent users redefining some system settings.

Peter Rice 2007-04-26