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Automated update of REBASE

This script will look for a new version of REBASE and install it in EMBOSS using rebaseextract.

# This script should be sourced, not run.
# REBASE UPDATE. Should be run just after the beginning of the month.
set mirrors_dir=('/ftp/mirrors')
set oldpwd=`pwd`

cd \$mirrors_dir

if ( ` wget -m '*' |& \
  tail -1 | awk '/^Downloaded:/{print \$5}'` != "0" ) then 
	cp `ls -t withrefm.*.Z|head -1` withrefm.Z
	uncompress withrefm.Z
	rebaseextract \
	rm withrefm

cd \$oldpwd

We make no guarantees that these scripts will work correctly on your system. If it deletes all your files, spams your associates, scratches your CD's and initiates a nuclear strike on a small unpopulated pacific island it is NOT OUR FAULT. It just happens to work for us.

Peter Rice 2007-04-26