EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Jun 28th 1999)


Sanger Centre: Peter Rice, Ian Longden, Richard Bruskiewich
HGMP: Alan Bleasby, Jon Ison, Sinead O'Leary, Thon de Boer

1. Matters Arising


2. General progress on release 0.0.4

Alan has added Michael Schmitz's updates to dan. There are new data for enthalpy and entropy but these make big changes to melting temperatures and need further checking.

Alan has modified restrict. rebaseextract needs to be rerun to build new data files.

Alan has some references from Toby Gibson (EMBL) for sequence weighting, and contact with Julie Thompson in Strasbourg for the profileweight application.

Sinead is working on prima

Ian ius working on supermatcher, a Smith-Waterman alignment for very long sequences.

Thon would like more information on database installation for EMBOSS. Peter will provide it.

3. Sequence Features

Peter is working on "seqretfeat", a demo application that will read and write sequences with features. When multiple feature table formats are supported it should automatically interconvert them, but initially it will use Richard Bruskiewich's ajfeat code for GFF.

4. Next meeting

Monday 6th July, usual time and place.
Peter Rice, Informatics Division, The Sanger Centre, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton Hall, Cambridge, CB10 1SA, UK.