EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Jan 10th 2000)


Sanger Centre: Peter Rice, Ian Longden
HGMP: Alan Bleasby, Gary Williams, Val Curwen

1. Matters Arising

2. General progress on release 0.0.4

A bug in the dbi indexing programs has been traced to the library and fixed.

Peter still needs to implement a "-batch" option.

A few ACD fixed remain for PISE but most applications can be converted relatively easily.

David Martin (EMBnet Norway) in interested in working on an in depth tutorial and application documentation. Hans Ullitz-Moeller (EMBnet Denmark) is also interested in helping with documentation.

Some program examples are missing from the documentation.

Ian would like array values as an ACD data type for use with PHYLIP, for example an array of 4 floating point values that sums to 1.0.

PHYLIP also needs to read "sets of sequence sets". Peter will check on how easy this would be to implement.

MSE is working, but needs to allow ACGT for DNA sequence entry. HGMP will ask a selection of users to test it.

Database subdivisions can be implemented for EMBLCD indexing by generating a list or wildcard definition of files to be excluded or included.

Some output file opens still need a check on the return value.

A function returning the USA for a sequence (where possible) is needed.

Additional restriction mapping applications are needed.

3. Any Other Business

4. Next meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 17th January 2000, 11:00am, usual place.