EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Jan 24th 2000)


Sanger Centre: Peter Rice, Ian Longden, Richard Bruskiewich
HGMP: Alan Bleasby, Gary Williams, Val Curwen, Sinead O'Leary, Mark Faller

1. Matters Arising

2. General progress on release 0.0.4

Graphics output has a problem with PNG and other output devices being ignored. Ian will investigate.

Alan has installed PISE on Linux, but it is not yet released to HGMP users.

Peter and Ian will check the bugfix for supermatcher.

Sets of Sets (SOS) data type still has to be implemented.

Peter has fixed the opendir return code checking in the DBI indexing programs.

Ian has converted TOPO, a fortran application from Susan Johns to display transmembrane helices. The colour options need to be reimplemented as text codes rather than the original numbering scheme.

Peter is investigating the possibility of a utility (provisionally called entrails) to dump out internal data definitions for use in parsers, and in producing an XML version of ACD files.

Gary has added remap, a restriction map display program.

HGMP will be running an internal course soon. Sanger has a course scheduled for March 20-21. An EBI workshop is scheduled for late August.

HGMP will standardise on purify for debugging (the same as Sanger).

Mark has implemented EMBOSS under DISguiSE, and demonstrated the current version last Friday.

3. Any Other Business

4. Next meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 31st January 2000, 11:00am, usual place.