EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Jul 18th 2000)


HGMP: Val Curwen, Gary Williams, Alan Bleasby, Jon Ison

1. Matters Arising

Alan reported on the move of EMBOSS from Sanger to HGMP. There has been a major reorganisation of the web pages which are now accessible from http://www.uk.embnet.org/Software/EMBOSS. A single copy of the EMBOSS master copy now exists. The Sanger web pages will be redirected to the HGMP ones.

Scripts for producing documentation, test compilation and transfer of files to the ftp and cvs servers are in place. These are being run manually until Alan is happy with reliability.

2. Plans associated with the transfer

Version number increments will be implemented soon. These will be for stable and development releases. For example, in EMBOSS-1.2.3-devel.tar.gz the 1 refers to the major version, the 2 column will be incremented upon addition of new programs or a library routine functionality change (e.g. added parameter) and the 3 column for minor changes or bugfixes. A similar system will be implemented for the EMBOSS-1.0.0-stable.tar.gz release.

Val stressed the need for a suite of test programs/data. A suite will be produced. These tests will be run on the nightly build. Stable versions will only be released after passing these tests.

All new EMBOSS programs must be accompanied by a test script. We can aid external developers with this if needs be. Gary will act as Chief Whip to enforce this.

It was noted that the data file names, particularly the codon usage tables, could easily conflict with filenames a user might produce. It was agreed that, where possible, EMBOSS data names should begin with a capital "E" and have a suitable short extension.

Gary requested a documentation directory should be implemented in CVS comprising manuals (training materials etc) and applications (source documentation in HTML and ASCII.)

Alan will start on CORBA compatibility.

3. AOB

Alan reported on a trip to Cambridge LMB where Kathryn Beal (Rodger Staden group) is producing a GUI. The need was raised for consistent formatting of data associated with graphical output. Kathryn will email a list of suggestions/problems and Alan will look into them.

4. Next meeting

Next meeting on Monday 24th July, 11:00am, HGMP