EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Jul 24th 2000)


HGMP: Val Curwen, Alan Bleasby
Apologies: Gary Williams Jon Ison

1. Matters Arising

Alan reported that the updating of the CVS server was now automatic. Scripts are now in place to run under cron.

2. Pattern matching

Val had commented that the algorithms used in the fuzznuc, fuzzpro and fuzztran programs (the "fuzzies") had been used more than once in primer search programs she is developing. She had suggested that they be split into algorithm selection, pattern compilation and pattern search functions and provided code as a model. Alan had put appropriate code in the nucleus library under the names embPatGetType, embPatCompile and embPatFuzzSearch. Val reported that they were working.

3. Web pages

Alan reported modifying the page names. They had all been called "EMBOSS" but have now been given the same title as in the text. This will allow a web based EMBOSS page search, written by Peter Tribble, to be incorporated. The text will be indexed nightly with "excite".

4. AOB

Val suggested that some of the EMBOSS error messages could be made less shocking to the users. Words like "fatal" can be a little disconcerting to an infrequent computer user. Alan will look into this. It was noted that the copy deadline for the EMBOSS edition of EMBnet news was drawing near.

5. Date Of Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on Wednesday 2nd August, HGMP