EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Oct 2nd 2000)


HGMP: Val Curwen, Alan Bleasby, Gary Williams, Ranjeeva Ranasinghe, Jon Ison, Tim Carver

1. Matters Arising

Major clean up - Alan has ran almost every application through PURIFY and has made many minor alterations and bug fixes (removing unused variables and memory leaks) to the library. The use of PURIFY before comitting code is encouraged.

Alan has implemented terminating asterisk wildcard accession number queries for indexed databases. E.g. seqret "embl-acc:v0030*" is now a valid query. The reporting of error messages has been improved - messages are now more informative and user-friendly. A problem with pastseq was fixed, and a problem with dbigcg, which was ignoring accession numbers in GenBank, formatted by GCG, has been fixed.

Alan will work on the remaining memory leakage problems in applications using features.

Gary has been documenting prima. Gary will check a problem with megamerger which is crashing when run on two totally different sequences.

Jon is embossifying his PDB parser.

Ranjeeva is embossifying his SCOP parser.

2. Date Of Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on Monday 9th October, HGMP