EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Tue 6th Feb 2000)


HGMP: Alan Bleasby, Gary Williams, Waqas Awan, Jon Ison, Tim Carver, Lisa Mullan, Ranjeeva Ranasinghe
Lion: Peter Rice

1. Matters Arising

Alan is planning work on 64 bit configure and compile options.

Jon has committed the scope, nrscope, stamps and domainer applications and associated library code (ajxyz.c) for protein structure.

Gary has done some documentation.

Peter has been thinking about features, and will prioritise the applications that need feature reports. He has cleaned up the est2genome application, which now uses proper EMBOSS structures etc.

Tim has been tweaking abiview but no mods have been committed yet.

2. Date Of Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 13th February, HGMP