EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Tue 22nd June 2001)


HGMP: Alan Bleasby, Ranjeeva Ranasinghe, Tim Carver, Gary Williams, Waqas Awan,
Lion: Peter Rice, Thomas Laurent

1. Matters Arising

Alan has started purifying all applications and standardising application function names and making them static. He has written cutgextract to create EMBOSS codon usage files from the CUTG database. Alan has volunteered to make XML format an output option.

Peter has been working on QA testing for output formats.

Gary has written a report for suggested feature formats. He has volunteered draft a list of reports formats for each program.

Thomas has been building a GUI and will be integrating it into SRS. It is to be translated from the java script into icarus.

Tim has written a Java parser for emboss and is working on a GUI.

2. Date Of Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on Friday 29th June, HGMP