EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Fri 13th July 2001)


HGMP: Alan Bleasby, Gary Williams, Lisa Mullan, Jon Ison, Tim Carver, Ranjeeva Ranasinghe, Waqas Awan
Lion: Peter Rice, Thomas Laurent

1. Matters Arising

Alan has completed a clean-up of the applications and library. purify.pl has been committed and contains all of the main programs plus most of the check programs.

Gary has committed changes to ajtranslate and minor changes to wossname and seealso.

Lisa reported on a course in Italy.

Jon committed test data and provided command lines for 9 protein structure applications. He has been thinking about the scalability of seqsort.

Tim has carried out more work on the Java GUI and is considering suggestions from Gary and Lisa.

Thomas has been modifying SRS to integrate EMBOSS programs.

Peter has committed changes to feature code for handling protein feature tables, swissprot and PIR feature tables can be processed. He has completed sets of QA tests for the applications.

2. Date Of Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on Friday 27th July , HGMP