EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Thu 20th September 2001)


HGMP: Alan Bleasby, Claude Beezley, Ranjeeva Ranasinghe, Waqas Awan, Gary Williams, Tim Carver, Jon Ison
Lion: Peter Rice, Thomas Laurent

1. Matters Arising

Alan reported that an RS-6000 m/c running AIX has been shipped from IBM and is on loan until October 2002. He has submitted java native interface code. He is working on list routines for sorting partial lists. Alan will implement user-defined levels of reporting of error messages.

Claude has started work on a Corba server to call EMBOSS applications.

Ranjeeva is continuining work on an EMBOSS application (seqsort) to process the results of psiblast and swissprot searches for SCOP families.

Gary has been working on remap and estscan. He is seeing how primer3 can be incorporated into EMBOSS.

Tim has continued to work on JEMBOSS. He has been applying javadoc for documentation. He reported that Lisa is demonstrating JEMBOSS on the intro course.

Jon is working on porting his PDB file parser into EMBOSS. He has been helping Ranjeeva with seqsort.

Peter has been modifying the applications so that they generate reports. He has extended the usa for start and end positions of sequences and sequence direction.

2. Date Of Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on Friday 5th October, HGMP