EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Fri 25th October 2002)


HGMP: Alan Bleasby, Lisa Mullan, Tim Carver, Damian Counsell, Hugh Morgan, Claude Beazley, Gary Williams, Jon Ison
Lion: Peter Rice, Thomas Laurent, Bijay Jassal
EBI: Rodrigo Lopez

1. Matters Arising

Alan has implemented CRC64 (64 bit checksum)

Lisa will produce a list of applications that could / should merged.

Tim has been re-writing Jemboss to use the new Apache Axis (SOAP). Also he has modified the install script to use Axis and improved the installation script to make it easier to run.

Damian ...

Jon reported that preliminary web pages for the EMBOSS programming course are up at http://www.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk/~jison/emboss_index.html (many broken links and incomplete, but the outline is there). He mentioned that SWISSPROT want to use RR's data for their annotation (the data give which if any of the SCOP families a SWISSPROT sequence is related to).

Hugh reported that grout will now output to 7 graphics formats and a printer and will also handle non-square output.

Claude reported that he had abandoned the threading model under orbit2 and has implemented the basics of a new model under orbit-mt.

Thomas ...

Bijay ...

Peter ...

Rodrigo ...

2. A.O.B.

3. Date Of Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held at 9.30 on Friday 8th November, HGMP