EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Fri 3rd October 2003)


HGMP: Alan Bleasby, Jon Ison, Gary Williams, Damian Counsell, Lisa Mullan, Claude Beazley
Lion: Thomas Laurent
Cambridge Uni:
EBI: Peter Rice

Apologies: Rodrigo Lopez

Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of the meeting of 19th September 2003 are here

1. Action points

1.1 From this meeting:

1.2 From previous meetings:

MEME documentation is required (action AJB, 2003-02-21)
Provide documentation for prophecy (AJB, 2003-03-21)
Investigate bug tracking system (PMR, 2003-09-19)
Investigate WIKI FAQ list (DC, 2003-09-19)
Convert graphics to grout (PMR, 2003-09-19)

1.3 No longer required:

ACD docs need updating (action PMR, 2003-02-21)
Done: ACD syntax documentation is now automatically built from a template checked into CVS and any errors or omissions are flagged.

Look at converting Phylip documentation to EMBOSS (action GW, 2003-07025)
Done: Gary has checked the requirements. This is not needed until a stable phylip 3.6 version is converted into an embassy package.

2. Software Development

2.8.0 release

Peter plans ACD updates.

Alan has tested 64-bit configurations for Alpha, AIX, Linux and Solaris. SGI is next to be tried. AIX had some strange header files. Two flags are provides. "--enable-large" for files over 2Gb and "--enable-64" for 64-bit compilation (a side effect is to make ajlong data 64 bits).

3. Documentation & Training

4. Administration

5. AOB

Peter reported on the BioMoby steering committee meeting he attended in Banff last week. EMBOSS is well represented (through Martin Senger) in contributions to BioMoby web services. Bill Crosby (Saskatchewan) recalled attanding an EMBOSS meeting in the early days.

6. Date Of Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held at 9.30 on October 17th 2003, Pompeiian Room, Hinxton Hall