EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Fri 14th May 2004)


RFCGR/HGMP: Alan Bleasby, Jon Ison, Gary Williams, Tim Carver
EBI: Peter Rice, Tom Oinn, Martin Senger


1. Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of the meeting of 30th April 2004 are here

2. Software Development

2.1 Code cleanup

Peter is continuing the source code cleanup. Jon has merged the updates with his domainatrix and library code edits that are not yet committed. A few bug fixes and additions were needed. Jon is also cleaning up the ACD files for domainatrix and adding missing HTML documentation.

Hugh is updating the event handling model for the new graphics (grout opengl). The java3d graphics is now deprecated.

Tim will be working on Artemis when he moves to Sanger.

3. Documentation & Training

3.1 ISMB

EMBOSS will be well represented in Glasgow. Peter, Alan, Lisa, Jon, Damian and HUgh plan to attend.

The EMBOSS and Jemboss demos will be on Sunday August 1st, followed by Taverna on 4th.

Alan will prepare an EMBOSS poster. Jon will prepare a poster on domain alignments.

Peter will give an EMBOSS talk at the BOSC conference before ISMB.

3.2 Sourceforge website

Damian has installed the HGMP web pages on Sourceforge. A document template is available on Damian's home page for testing by Peter and Gary.

4. Administration

4.1 Apple biocluster

Apple have announced a biocluster with 3 CPUs running EMBOSS and other software for about 20k.

5. User queries and answers

Gary's current list reviewed. Most new issues were already answered.

6. AOB

Martin is preparing an OMG standard document on the "Life Science Analysis Engine" (LSAE) to be based on SoapLab with extensions, including an ability to chunk data and support for programs starting with partial data and reading the remainder during execution.

7. Date Of Next Meeting

Next meeting at 9.30 on June 11, 2004,