EMBOSS: Project Meeting (Tue 16th May 2006)


EBI: Peter Rice, Jon Ison, Alan Bleasby, Mahmut Uludag, Shaun McGlinchey,
Apologies: Rodrigo Lopez, Lisa Mullan, Tim Carver

1. Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of the meeting of 2nd May 2006 are here.

2. Software Development

2.1 Progress since last meeting

Jon had generated ACD files for theletest versions of MEME and its associated application MAST in the MEME EMBASSY package. Version 3.5 is available, but 3.0 is the most recent stable version. The program will be called memenew to alloe the existing EMBASSY package to run alongside during the beta testing period after first release.

The programs have many new arguments, and types of the inputs are often not clearly documented.

Alan noted issues with wrapped applications needing to be careful about writing temporary files, and recommended using TEMPDIR as a location so it is configurable. Other existing applications (including emma and eprimer3) need to be checked too. Peter noted that the OUTDIRECTORY variable could also have an effect within EMBOSS and needs to be tested.


Alan has been familiarising himself with Microsoft's Visual C++ express free version (which covers C++ and SDK release 2).The starting point for the windows build is Andre Blavier's EMBOSSWIN, last built for EMBOSS 2.10.0. This required a win32 directory, which will be built automatically by a script from the standard EMBOSS sources.

PLPLOT was included in EMBSOSWIN as precompiled library files. This approach will be used for EMBOSS 4.0.0 on Windows.

3. Administration

3.1 Release 4.0.0

4. Documentation & Training

4.1 Developer training course

4.2 Books

4.3 Website updates

5. User queries and answers

6. AOB

7. Date Of Next Meeting

Back to the usual Mondays at last. The next meeting will be Monday 12th June.