EMBOSS: C2 ACD files

Current data types:

Future plans

The AJAX Command Definition files now have a stable syntax. Many options can be added. Those under consideration include:

Groups of data items with text messages displayed before prompts, only if the user will be prompted. Also could be used to divide forms into sections.

Section marks like <HR> in HTML to divide up prompts and to defined sections in any menu definition.

Blank lines - currently there is no blank line between prompts.


  1. Dependencies use defaults (values set by the user), attribute values (from the ACD file) and calculated values (e.g. sequence length).
  2. More complex relations use operations such as true/false, addition, and case statements. The syntax is "@()" with operators inside the parentheses.
  3. New data types are easily added. Plans include extending data files of various types (we already have comparison matrix and codon usage). Application developers should help define any new data types which we can add to the ACD syntax.