EMBOSS: C2 Library Source Files

AJAX library functions are added as needed by new applications.

Some clearly useful additions were identified at the first workshop, for example lists and tables need special functions to sort/delete/manage data items. Standard lists and tables have been added to the String library for strings and character strings.


  1. The String library has many duplicated functions for AJAX strings and C "char*" strings.
  2. The C++ standard library uses tricks in the argument lists by giving special meanings to NULL and to NPOS (the largest available integer). These are not used by AJAX, (except that constructors can take NULL pointers for new objects) but could be added if needed.
  3. Other data types will be needed. If you plan to develop applications, please suggest any new data types you will need or any extensions to the current data types (Sequence etc.)
  4. C++ has other functions defined for strings etc. which could be easily implemented. Are any of these urgently needed?
  5. There is still a need for example applications to show the correct use of the libraries, and to highlight common errors. Dummy applications with names like "demostring" are provided but need much more work.