EMBOSS: C2 New Applications

Now the first set of EMBOSS applications have been developed and are in use as beta versions, we are looking for new applications and new packages to be integrated.

Packages should be compatible with the full GNU GPL so that they can be included in the main EMBOSS distribution.

Packages can also be compatible with the Lesser GPL and built as "EMBOSS Associated" applications from a separate distribution which links to the AJAX and NUCLEUS libraries and installs the files into the EMBOSS directories.

Planned packages

  1. PHYLIP (Joe Felsenstein, U. Washington)
  2. FASTA utilities (Bill Pearson, U. Virginia)
  3. HMMER (Sean Eddy, Washington U, St. Louis)

Potential packages

  1. Sanger utilities
  2. Tandem repeat identification (New York U)