EMBOSS: C2 User Documentation

Applications will need user documentation.

The plan is to produce a User Manual (through the EMBnet PRPC) for all applications, and to have online help using the same source text.


  1. Any proposals for style or content of the User Manual are welcome.
  2. Avoid referring to the actual user interface as this can change from site to site. At present we include the "-help" output as a guide to the program options. This could be changed into some other format produced automatically from the ACD file for each application.
  3. The current application documentation is similar in layout to the GCG program manual as this was the format used for EGCG.
  4. The GCG program manual remains a popular style with support staff, but is perhaps not so popular with end users. There is also a serious concern that GCG would consider their documentation style to be proprietary given their past refusal to allow their manuals on public web servers.
  5. There is much work to be done in writing application documentation. New applications are being added faster than we can write the manual pages at present.