EMBOSS: C2 Web Interfaces

ACD files are not the only way to define applications. User interfaces often use other formats, some derived from GCG config files. ACD files could be converted into these other formats, or interface developers could change to use ACD files. This is easier to control while ACD files are simple. Any needs for ACD file conversion should be identified as early as possible.

Possible Web Interfaces

  1. BioNavigator (eBioinformatics/EMBnet Australia).
  2. SRS6 SRSWWW applications (EBI/Lion)
  3. www2gcg (EMBnet Belgium)
  4. W2H (EMBnet Germany)
  5. AppLab (EBI, Martin Senger)
  6. Pise (Catherine Letondal)
  7. CalTech (David Mathog)

See also GUI interfaces.