Package org.emboss.jemboss.gui.form

Class Summary
AlignFormat Handles emboss alignment formats
ApplicationNamePanel Panel to display the EMBOSS application name on
BuildJembossForm Responsible for displaying the graphical representation of the ACD EMBOSS files.
JembossComboPopup Creates a scrolling JComboBox
LabelTextBox Container for Jemboss form label this will also wrap the text
ListFilePanel List file panel, enabling the user to generate a list of sequence in the GUI which can be used to generate an EMBOSS list file to be used in the command line.
MultiLineToolTipUI UI for multiple line tooltips
PlafMacros Macros class
ReportFormat EMBOSS Report formats
SectionPanel Responsible for displaying the Jemboss application form generated from the ACD file.
Separator Panel separator
SetInFileCard Input sequence file card
SetOutFileCard Creates an output file Box
TextFieldFloat JTextfield for float fields in the EMBOSS form
TextFieldInt JTextfield for int fields in the EMBOSS form
TextFieldSink Extends JTextField to enable pasting & drag and drop into it.