Standalone versus Client-Server Setup

Standalone is designed for a single user or a small research group accessing the service from a central nfs mounted disk. Note that this is a cut down version of the client-server version.

The client-server is designed for accessing the Jemboss services from any operating system (Java enabled), i.e. windows, MacOSX, unix, via the client interface. The server runs on a unix platform and provides access to the EMBOSS services.

To find how to install the:

Jemboss Standalone Jemboss Client-Server

Note, this software has been developed and tested, so far, using Java1.4 and 1.5.

Directory Structure

Directory Contents
api Javadoc API
images Logo etc
lib related java jar files (soap etc)
org/emboss/jemboss Jemboss package
resources Jemboss property file, client/server certificates, help docs used in the GUI
utils Various scripts - e.g. for installing


The EMBOSS development team for their suggestions in the design of Jemboss. In particular, Alan Bleasby for his contribution to the JNI code to call the ajax library and authentication code.

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (