(v. 1.5, 20 Feb 2005)
Please note that many of the Jemboss instructions on these pages are now out-of-date and will shortly be replaced. These days Jemboss is provided as standard in the EMBOSS-x.y.z.tar.gz distributions. It also comes pre-configured with mEMBOSS distributions.

To install a Jemboss server on a UNIX operating system, invoke the installation script in the jemboss subdirectory and follow the prompts.

The standalone interface on UNIX operating systems is automatically available, subject to Java installation, after configuring and installing the main EMBOSS package.

Jemboss is a graphical user interface to EMBOSS. Jemboss is developed by the EMBOSS team. The software is free and part of the EMBOSS distribution. To use the main Jemboss interface you will need to follow the installation instructions to download and compile EMBOSS and Jemboss.

To just use the Jemboss Alignment Editor and DNA Editor you can launch them from the links below. To launch these editors Java Web Start is needed.

You may find there is a local Jemboss server already available at your institution.

Launching Jemboss Editors