Instructions for downloading Java Web Start on a Windows PC

Click here to download Windows Java Web Start .

 Then go to Step 1 and click on the "Continue" button for the "Full package (US English only)". The file should be 5.3 Mb in size. The link takes you to the Terms and Conditions of use. Read these and then "Accept" at the bottom of the page. Now select the "FTP Download" button from You will be asked where you would like to save your file. Remember where you saved it!

 Now select the "exe" file you have just saved using a file manager and double click on the name of the program. This will proceed to install Java Web Start. Accept the license agreement and select the same place to save the data in . When you have entered the correct path, click "next" and the program should install. You do not need to restart your computer, but you must close down your web browser and re-open it.

 Go back to the original Jemboss webpage and select the link "Launch Jemboss".