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Notes on application for codon usage / composition bias

 New application needed to back translate a protein
sequence to ambiguous codons.

Correspondence below...

Richard Sucgang writes:

> I am using EMBOSS on OSX (installed using fink). Is it my
> imagination, or is the application backtranambig
missing? The
> documentation on sf.net points to this application
existing, yet, I
> cannot find the binary in the install. Any ideas?

backtranambig will be in EMBOSS 4.0.0

The emboss.sf.net documentation is for the current
developers code, and
includes new programs and changes to the documentation
for some of the
current programs.

EMBOSS 3.0.0 documentation is included in the
distribution and installed
when EMBOSS is installed.

This often causes confusion - we are working on adding
the 3.0.0
documentation to the website but we have not yet had
time to finish that
work. (We did move the current documentation to make it
clearer that it
was for the CVS code - but that caused more confusion).

More news on 4.0.0 soon - we are busy now planning what
will be in the

Hope that helps,