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Installing EMBASSY

As well as the base libraries and standard EMBOSS distribution, various extra packages (EMBASSY) are distributed with EMBOSS.

To install an EMBASSY package, go to the relevant directory. For example to install PHYLIP (which was unpacked into

earlier) go to the relevant directory.

% cd  /packages/EMBOSS-2.5.0/embassy/PHYLIP-3.573c
% ./configure --prefix=/site/prog/emboss
... output not shown
% make
... output not shown
% make install
... output not shown

Note. You MUST use the same arguments for

that you used for the installation of the main EMBOSS package. It may be necessary to add other options as required by individual packages (see below).

Repeat as necessary for the other EMBASSY packages. It should also be noted that certain EMBASSY packages may require additional libraries.

You should now find that running wossname as before lists the EMBASSY programs.


Peter Rice 2007-04-26