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Direct accesses the flatfile directly. It returns all the database entries, one after the other. It assumes no indexing. Queries are still possible as EMBOSS will read each entry and match it against the query, but are slow as the entire database must be read.

DB mydb [ 
#required parameters
   method: "direct"
   format: "embl"
   type: "N"
   dir: "\$emboss_db_dir/mydb"
   file: "*.dat"   
#optional parameters
   fields: "sv des key org"
   release: "63.0"
   comment: "My own database with no indices"
   exclude: "est*.dat"

For most cases, it is simpler to use

for EMBL, Genbank or SwissProt format, or
to index FASTA or NCBI format files, and to use the EMBLCD access method.

If the file format supports additional fields, they can be included in the definition as fields: to allow their use in USAs.

Peter Rice 2007-04-26