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EMBLCD uses EMBLCD indices created with dbiflat or dbifasta to access flatfile databases in the original format.

DB mydb [
#required parameters
   method: "emblcd"
   format: "embl"
   type: "N"
   dir: "\$emboss_db_dir/emb"l
#optional parameters
   fields: "sv des key org"
   file: "*.dat"
   release: "63.0"
   comment: "my comment"
   exclude: "est*.dat"
   indexdir: "\$emboss_db_dir/indice"s

The EMBLCD index files include the filenames indexed by

. You can use the file: and exclude: attributes to create file-specific subsets from a single index.

This method can require careful setup. Please read the more specific descriptions below.

If the database was indexed with additional fields, they can be included in the definition as fields: to allow their use in USAs.

Peter Rice 2007-04-26