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SRS returns entries from a local installation of SRS using the -e switch to getz to return entries in the original format.

DB mydb [
#required parameters
   method: "srs"
   format: "embl"
   type: "N"
#optional parameters
   dbalias: "embl"
   fields: "sv des key org"
   app: "getz"
   comment: "My srs indexed database"
   release: "63.0"

This access method builds an SRS commandline query to getz. If you have getz installed under another name, define this as app:

The SRS query by default uses the EMBOSS database name. If the database has a different name in SRS, define dbalias: as the database name to pass to SRS.

SRS will return the results using 'getz -e' so the format should match the format of the original data. For some formats this can be tricky (PIR for example), so consider using SRSFASTA although this will lose information that is not included in the FASTA format SRS output.

To query using the additional fields SRS supports, add them as fields:

Peter Rice 2007-04-26