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As SRS but returns the sequences in FASTA format. The definition must include format: fasta so that EMBOSS will read the results in FASTA format.

DB mydb [
#required parameters
   method: "srsfasta"
   format: "fasta"
   type: "N"
#optional parameters
   dbalias: "embl"
   fields: "sv des key org"
   app: "getz"
   comment: "My srs indexed database"
   release: "63.0"

This access method builds an SRS commandline query to getz. If you have getz installed under another name, define this as app:

The SRS query by default uses the EMBOSS database name. If the database has a different name in SRS, define dbalias: as the database name to pass to SRS.

SRS will return the results using 'getz -f -sf fasta' so the format must be 'fasta'.

To query using the additional fields SRS supports, add them as fields:

Peter Rice 2007-04-26