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URL uses a defined web server to retrieve a specific entry. EMBOSS may fail if the HTML causes complications with parsing of the entry.

DB mydb [
# required parameters
   method: "url"
   format: "genbank"
   type: "N"
   url: "[genbank-id:%s]"
#optional parameters
   comment: "Genbank by ID from InfoBiogen"

The %s in the URL string indicates where EMBOSS will insert the identifier portion of the USA.

At many sites, remote HTTP access is controlled by a proxy server. EMBOSS uses a proxy server defined as EMBOSS_PROXY with a value in the format

, for example:

set emboss_httpversion ''

This is a global definition. For selected databases (local web-based services, for example) you can turn off the proxy inside the database definition with:

DB [ ...
  proxy: ":"

HTTP access by default used HTTP protocol version 1.0. EMBOSS can also support version 1.1, which provides chunked HTML results to improve improve network performance. The HTTP version is controlled by a variable EMBOSS_HTTPVERSION and by a DB attribute, for example:

set emboss_httpversion "1.1"


DB [ ...
  httpversion: '1.1'

Peter Rice 2007-04-26