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As URL, but specific to an SRS web server. This method takes a base URL (up to wgetz) for an SRS server, and builds the rest of the URL as a valid SRS query.

By building the URL, SRSWWW access can query both ID and accession number, and can query additional fields 'sv', 'des', 'key' and 'org' if they are allowed with a fields definition.

DB mydb [
# required parameters
    method: "srswww"
    format: "genbank"
    type: "N"
    url: ""
#optional parameters
    dbalias: "genbank"
    fields: "sv des key org"
    comment: "Genbank by SRS from InfoBiogen"
    proxy: ":"
    httpversion: "1.0"

Because queries for such fields to a remote server can find a very large number of hits, and EMBOSS will load the entire output into memory to process the HTML, many EMBOSS administrators choose not to define these fields for an SRSWWW server.

If there is sufficient demand, it should be possible to rewrite the HTML preprocessing to avoid buffering in memory.

SRSWWW support the

settings described under access method URL.

Peter Rice 2007-04-26