EMBOSS: Getting involved


Reporting bugs and other problems

Bug reports and problems with installation etc. should be sent to the EMBOSS Support Team emboss-bug@emboss.open-bio.org

Mailing lists

There are three EMBOSS mailing lists which you can join.


The EMBOSS Project is co-ordinated by Peter Rice, Alan Bleasby and Jon Ison at the European Bioinformatics Institute. Fortnightly coordination meetings are held on Tuesdays at the Welcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK. Anyone visiting the campus is welcome to attend.

We run regular hands-on courses in Bioinformatics Software Development using EMBOSS usually in the training room at Hinxton Hall, Welcome Trust Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK. The full course is available on-line.

Colloquia and other workshops are held whenever sufficient numbers of external developers can be gathered together and are usually associated with other events.

Areas requiring software development

This is a list of areas requiring software development that you could volunteer to help with.

Submitting new code

The core group of EMBOSS developers cannot do everything. If you've developed software for use at your own site its likely that others will need these programs too. Please submit your code to the project and feel free to contact the developers through the mailing list for help with this.

To submit code for a new application or code that extends the functionality of an existing application:

For help with submissions or coding: