Package org.emboss.jemboss.soap

Class Summary
AuthPopup Display a popup asking the user to enter a username and password
CallAjax Calls the EMBOSS ajax library
FileList Retrieves a directory listing from an Jemboss server.
FileRoots Retrieve the list of available filesystem roots
GetACD Retrieve an ACD file using soap
GetHelp Get the help text for an application
GetWossname Run wossname of a Jemboss server
JembossRun Executes an application on a server
MakeFileSafe Create a sanitised filename.
PendingResults Record the batch job status (pending/completed)
PrivateRequest Make a axis call to a private server, using the default service
PublicRequest Make a axis call to a public server, using the default service
ServerSetup Jemboss properties for the server setup
ShowDB Run showdb and find the available scoring matrices and codon usage tables on the Jemboss server

Exception Summary