CVS code repository


There is a CVS repository that's updated every couple of hours where developers can checkout/update the latest emboss code.

Get the CVS version

Make sure you have cvs on your system Then log into the cvs server at '' as: user 'cvs' with password 'cvs'.

cvs -d login
The password is 'cvs'

To checkout the EMBOSS source code tree, put yourself in a local directory just above where you want to see the EMBOSS directory created. For example if you wanted EMBOSS to be seen as /home/joe/src/emboss... then cd into /home/joe/src then checkout the repository by typing:

cvs -d checkout emboss

Or if you want to update a previously checked-out source code tree:

cvs -d update

You can logout from the CVS server with:

cvs -d logout

Compile the CVS version

You will need automake, autoconf and libtool for this.

Scripts are available to compile the cvs version.

i.e. source make-static-developers
will compile a statically linked EMBOSS.

What this does is:-

   aclocal -I m4
   automake -a
   ./configure --disable-shared

For more info on the configurability of the build try

   ./configure --help