EMBOSS Application Groups: CVS (developers) version

AcdAcd file utilities
Alignment consensusMerging sequences to make a consensus
Alignment differencesFinding differences between sequences
Alignment dot plotsDot plot sequence comparisons
Alignment globalGlobal sequence alignment
Alignment localLocal sequence alignment
Alignment multipleMultiple sequence alignment
DisplayPublication-quality display
EditSequence editing
Enzyme kineticsEnzyme kinetics calculations
Feature tablesManipulation and display of sequence annotation
HMMHidden markov model analysis
InformationInformation and general help for users
MenusMenu interface(s)
Nucleic 2d structureNucleic acid secondary structure
Nucleic codon usageCodon usage analysis
Nucleic compositionComposition of nucleotide sequences
Nucleic CpG islandsCpG island detection and analysis
Nucleic gene findingPredictions of genes and other genomic features
Nucleic motifsNucleic acid motif searches
Nucleic mutationNucleic acid sequence mutation
Nucleic primersPrimer prediction
Nucleic profilesNucleic acid profile generation and searching
Nucleic repeatsNucleic acid repeat detection
Nucleic restrictionRestriction enzyme sites in nucleotide sequences
Nucleic RNA foldingRNA folding methods and analysis
Nucleic transcriptionTranscription factors, promoters and terminator prediction
Nucleic translationTranslation of nucleotide sequence to protein sequence
Phylogeny consensusPhylogenetic consensus methods
Phylogeny continuous charactersPhylogenetic continuous character methods
Phylogeny discrete charactersPhylogenetic discrete character methods
Phylogeny distance matrixPhylogenetic distance matrix methods
Phylogeny gene frequenciesPhylogenetic gene frequency methods
Phylogeny molecular sequencePhylogenetic tree drawing methods
Phylogeny tree drawingPhylogenetic molecular sequence methods
Protein 2d structureProtein secondary structure
Protein 3d structureProtein tertiary structure
Protein compositionComposition of protein sequences
Protein motifsProtein motif searches
Protein mutationProtein sequence mutation
Protein profilesProtein profile generation and searching
TestTesting tools, not for general use.
Utils database creationDatabase installation
Utils database indexingDatabase indexing
Utils miscUtility tools