EMBOSS: 2nd Workshop. Bruges, Belgium 27th Sept 1999

The 2nd EMBOSS Workshop was held on 23rd September 1999 in Bruges, Belgium. The attendees were delegates to the 13th EMBnet Business Meeting plus some additional guests.

In the morning, Peter Rice and Alan Bleasby presented an overview of the EMBOSS project to date. The slides are available as a separate document. This was followed by a demonstration of the main features of EMBOSS.

In the afternoon the following topics were presented for discussion. The conclusions are inserted in the discussion document, which is included below.

Discussion Topics

    Sequences and Databases

  1. Input Sequence Formats
  2. Output Sequence Formats
  3. Sequence Databases
  4. Sequence Features

    Command Line Interface

  5. ACD Files
  6. Command Line Syntax
  7. User Prompts
  8. Error Messages

    Other User Interfaces

  9. Web Interfaces
  10. GUI Interfaces


  11. Existing Applications
  12. New Applications
  13. User Documentation

    Installing and Beta Testing

  14. User Testing
  15. Installation
  16. Environment Variables
  17. Local Data Files


  18. Technical Support
  19. Support for Developers
  20. Library Source Files
  21. Programming Language Support
  22. Software Documentation
  23. Graphics Library
  24. Functions Returning Objects
  25. Perl Support


  26. Future Funding
  27. Workshops and Training
  28. Publications